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Haimen actively introduces the treatment of rubber exhaust gas, which is expected to reprocess waste tires and reuse energy. This is encouraging, but this industry is also accompanied by the problem of exhaust pollution. Waste tire treatment teams in Beijing, Jiangsu and other places cooperate with Haimen renewable rubber production base to strive to solve the problem of rubber exhaust pollution from the source

on June 16, in the factory area of Haimen Nanhui group, two large-scale waste gas treatment equipment worth more than 3 million yuan were installed. The equipment uses UV photolysis to photocatalytic treat rubber waste gas, which can effectively treat rubber waste gas

at present, there are 14 rubber enterprises in Haimen, mainly concentrated in Baochang, Zhengyu, Changle Town and other places, with an annual output of 150000 tons. Among them, the sales volume of Nantong Huili rubber and Jinlun rubber accounts for about 70% of the whole industry in China

reclaimed rubber not only brings economic benefits, but also environmental pollution can not be ignored. Last year, there were 227 complaints about rubber waste gas pollution in Haimen, accounting for 4. 5% of the total environmental complaints from environmental protection departments Our company has nearly 20% of the spare parts warehouse

Haimen has held special meetings for many times to study the problem of rubber exhaust disturbing residents, so as to produce experimental machines that meet the needs of customers. Last year, Haimen Environmental Protection Bureau carried out the first round of remediation, with 14 rubber enterprises investing more than 6.8 million yuan and adding 18 sets of waste gas treatment devices. This year, Haimen Environmental Protection Bureau implemented the rubber waste gas treatment and further promotion project, and jointly issued "hero posts" with the industry chamber of Commerce to "recruit" across the country. On the 6th of this month, eight treatment teams from all over the country appeared at the Haimen rubber waste gas treatment technology review meeting. After the public selection of 14 rubber enterprises and some contact experts between the toothed rod and the toothed rod pressing, the team from Beijing, Henan and Jiangsu finally entered Haimen to participate in the governance

to give full play to the initiative of the enterprise and the management team, we should return the right of participation and choice to the enterprise and let them take the initiative to solve the environmental "stubborn disease" of rubber waste gas

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