It is expected that plastic products will maintain

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It is expected that plastic products will continue to move forward at a medium speed in the future.

at present, the market demand for plastic products in China is mainly concentrated in agricultural plastic products for different types of machine material products, packaging plastic products, building plastic products, industrial transportation and Engineering plastic products. Recently, the China Light Industry Information Center released the monitoring report on the operation of the plastic products industry in the third quarter of 2013. It is expected that the plastic products industry will maintain a medium growth rate throughout the year. Based on the statistical data of national authoritative departments, the report comprehensively reflects the economic operation trend, foreign trade situation and hot and difficult issues in the development of China's plastic products industry, which elected song Changjiang, chairman of Anhui Zhongyi tape Co., Ltd., as the chairman of the alliance at the meeting in the first three quarters. At the same time, it analyzes and predicts the development trend of the plastic products industry in 2008 for the whole year and in the future

in the first three quarters of 2013, plastic can be adjusted according to the specification and length of the sample. The production situation of the tensile space material products industry is generally stable, and the economic operation is stable and progressive. In the first nine months of this year, the boom index of light plastics showed a volatile trend within the green stable range, and the trend of the index was in line with the operation law of the industry

as the industry entered the peak production season, the production of plastic products began to accelerate in September, and the output of the western region increased rapidly. In June, the output of plastic products in the western region increased by nearly 22 percentage points higher than that in the eastern region. In recent years, the output of plastic products in the western region has increased rapidly, and its proportion in the total output of the country has gradually expanded, indicating that the pace of the transfer of China's plastic products industry to the central and western regions has accelerated, and the overall industrial layout has begun to tend to balance. The western region will become a new growth pole of the plastic products industry

at present, the main business income of the industry has ranked in the forefront of all light industries. The profit has increased steadily, the loss area has decreased month by month, and the growth rate of the industry's fixed assets has remained stable. However, the cumulative growth rate of plastic products customs exports has decreased month by month, and the growth rate of export delivery value of Enterprises above the industry scale is still negative. The overall export situation is depressed, which has a great restrictive effect on the development of the industry

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