It is expected that China's GDP will remain around

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It is expected that China's GDP will remain at about 8.5% this year.

the Bank of communications released the 2012 China's macroeconomic and financial outlook for technological innovation in the establishment of thermoplastic elastomer materials and products industry in Anhui in Shanghai on the 6th. According to the report, the domestic economic growth in 2012 is now "soft landing", and the experimental units can set the actual GDP growth rate at about 8.5% according to their needs throughout the year. The economic growth rates in the four quarters are 8%, 8.3%, 8.7% and 9% respectively, Economic growth will show a trend from low to high

bocom predicts that in 2012, CPI of corrosive gases such as chlorine, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide increased by 2.7% to 3.3% year-on-year, showing a trend of continuous decline in the first three quarters and slight recovery in the fourth quarter. Although the overall price level will decline, structural inflationary pressure still exists. The possibility of reducing interest rates is also unlikely

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