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After the real interpretation, don't forget to invite him to dinner. Which is better, Lenovo Xiaoxin lj2268w or bentu p2206nw? What is the difference

Lenovo Xiaoxin lj2268w and Bento p2206nw are two popular printers, so which is better, Lenovo Xiaoxin lj2268w and Bento p2206nw? What is the difference? The following is a detailed interpretation for the reference of friends in need

1. Which is the difference

Lenovo hydraulic universal experimental machine for teaching in small colleges and Universities -- waw (1) 000d microcomputer controlled point hydraulic servo universal experimental machine new lj2268w and bentu p2206nw. The main difference between these two models is that the appearance and size are different, and the functions are the same. Both support single printing, and do not support copying and scanning. My family bought this Lenovo Xiaoxin lj2268w, which is of good quality. If the face is not worth it, it is also very good, and the printing effect is good

Lenovo Xiaoxin lj2268w old users' comments, see if you regret buying it,

transfer to Bento p2206nw quotation and user comment details,

II. Bento p2206nw quotation and comments:

1. Reference price: ¥ 649.00 (view activity quotation)

2. User comments: children often have learning materials and test papers to print when they have classes at home, so it is much more convenient to have this printer. The printer has a beautiful appearance and fast printing speed. It supports USB, Internet and WiFi printing. It can also be printed with app, which is very convenient to use. The printing effect is very clear, and you can also manually print on both sides. The installation is very simple. The child can install it by himself

III. Lenovo Xiaoxin lj2268w quotation and comments:

1. Reference price: ¥ 749.00 (check activity quotation) "5. Select the experimental speed or use stepless gear for position extension")

2. User comments: the printing speed is very fast, the copy is clear, and the drive installation is very fast. The after-sales attitude was very good, quickly solved my problem. The laser printer has fast printing speed, clear printing, and copying and scanning functions. It's very convenient to study at home and have a printer. You don't have to go out to find a print shop anymore

the above is about Lenovo Xiaoxin lj2268w and bentu p2206nw. Which is better? What is the difference? I hope it can help you choose and refer to. Go to tmall to check the latest quotation and user comments of this product

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