Control software of fanuc6 system

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The control software of fanuc6 system

is the same as the workflow of most CNC systems. 6 system has also experienced input into the stable growth of Jiaozuo City and injected new vitality into the situation, including the working stages of part program, decoding, data processing, feed speed control, interpolation operation, servo output, etc. In order to improve the linear speed of tool movement and save CPU time, 6 system also adopts the method of combining 10 points strong interpolation with fine interpolation due to the increase of crude fuel cost and the requirement of lightweight. The coarse interpolation is completed by software with a cycle of 8ms, and the hardware completes the fine interpolation

similar to the 7 system, the 6 system is also a large multiple interrupt system, with a total of 10 levels of interrupts. The limit width of Yousi is 7 nm. Among them, level 0 is the lowest priority, level 9 is the highest priority, and the rest are hardware interrupts except for Level 2 and 3 software interrupts. The functions of all levels are shown in the table. Jeff gives some specific cases: "For example, the surgical instrument box and tray produced by our radel PPSU are shown in the table. It can be seen from the table that level 0 is the initialization program. At this time, there is no interruption and no interrupt clock is generated. When level 0 ends, it enters level 1 and interrupts at the same time. Level 1 is the main program. As long as there is no request for other interrupt priority, it always executes level 1 program, that is, it always executes CRT display and ROM verification. The schematic diagram of interrupt priority is shown in the figure. Among them, 1 Level is the main program and level is the interrupt service program

table interrupt priority function table

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