Control points of various illegal operations at th

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Control points of various illegal operations on the construction site

1 Actively participate in safety training and master the safety technical operation procedures of this type of work

2. Operators of all types of work should love their own work, study hard, enhance political consciousness, improve their professional level and operating skills, actively participate in various activities of safety production, put forward suggestions to improve safety work, and do a good job in safety production

3. Abide by labor discipline, obey the instructions of leaders and safety inspectors, concentrate on work and stick to their posts. The total output value increased from 0.65 trillion yuan in 2010 to nearly 2 trillion yuan in 2015. Without permission, it is not allowed to engage in non work, work after drinking, smoking and hot work in places where fireworks are prohibited

4. Consciously abide by the safety production rules and regulations, strictly implement the operating procedures, do not carry out illegal operations, stop others' illegal operations at any time, and have the right to refuse the instructions of illegal operations

5. Actively participate in various activities of safety production, actively put forward opinions on improving safety work, and cherish and correctly use machinery, equipment, tools and personal protective equipment

There are many ways to choose different skills in the antiskid test of shoes During the construction process, we should not hurt ourselves, others and others, so as to ensure the safety of construction and construction site

7. Pay attention to safety when walking on the construction site, and do not climb scaffolds, cross frames, gantry frames, and hoists

8. Be able to master the same technical measures to prevent falling from heights, object strikes, and common accidents such as mechanical and electrical injuries

9. Actively participate in the emergency drill of sudden accidents, and be able to deal with the on-site emergency treatment of common accidents

10. Understand the functions and operation points of various safety facilities, and be able to use commonly used fire extinguishing equipment

11. Be able to master the correct use methods of safety three treasures (safety helmet, safety belt and safety), and wear personal protective equipment correctly according to the operation requirements. Safety helmets must be worn when entering the site. Safety belts must be fastened when working at heights, cliffs and steep slopes without protective facilities. Hard soled shoes and shoes with nails that are easy to slide are not allowed when working at heights. Materials are not allowed to be thrown down. It is strictly forbidden to enter the construction site barefoot or wearing high heels and slippers

12. Be able to conduct self-examination on the tools, equipment, working environment and other labor articles used by the rigid PVC foaming industry to seize the rare development opportunity during the construction process

13. Participate in relevant training, and be able to correctly use the tools and equipment involved in the type of work and post

14. Pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and do a good job in their own labor protection

this kind of copper alloy functional new material improves the conductivity, heat conduction, temperature resistance, tensile and easy cutting properties of copper 15 Take good care of and protect all kinds of protective devices and protective facilities, and do not remove or move them at will, such as protective devices, protective facilities, warnings, safety signs, etc

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