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The off-season "golden nine silver ten" of the real estate market kicked off

the off-season "golden nine silver ten" of the real estate market kicked off

September 14, 2015

[China paint information] on September 13, the National Bureau of statistics released the national real estate development and sales data in August. According to the data, the real estate development boom index was 93.46 in August, 0.43 points higher than that in July, and has rebounded for three consecutive months

Li Jiao, Senior Statistician of the investment department of the National Bureau of statistics, said in an interview with securities that the positive performance of the real estate market will enhance the confidence of real estate development enterprises and promote real estate development and investment in the next stage

from January to August, the sales area of commercial housing nationwide increased by 7.2% year-on-year, 1.1 percentage points higher than that from January to July; Sales increased by 15.3%, and the growth rate increased by 1.9 percentage points. The growth of funds in place of real estate development enterprises has accelerated slightly, and the area of new construction and land acquisition is now bottoming out

Zhang Rong, chief analyst of the original real estate of menkan Buzhong high school, met with the latest technological achievements in the current industry. Dawei said in an interview that the pace of new home sales in key cities further slowed down in August, declining for two months month on month, but still increased significantly year-on-year. The trading volume of second-hand housing has ended the trend of rising month on month for five consecutive months, but from a year-on-year perspective, the market transaction is still at a high level. On the whole, the market transactions in July and August this year showed a good situation in the off-season

at the same time, Zhang Dawei said that the policy environment of the real estate market continued to usher in good conditions in August. After the reduction of reserve requirements and interest rates, the loan interest rate hit a record low again, the "purchase restriction order" that lasted for many years was loosened, and the down payment ratio of provident fund was further reduced. At the same time, the city supporting policies of local governments are also emerging in endlessly. With the overall easing of the national real estate policy, conditions have been created for the "golden nine silver ten" transaction to reach a new high

it is understood that the "golden nine" has kicked off, and the supply and demand of the new housing market in all regions are generally good. In early September, there was a three-day holiday marking the 70th anniversary of the victory of the war of resistance against Japan. According to the data of 40 cities monitored by Centaline real estate, the transaction area of new houses during the holiday in September decreased by 12% compared with the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, but increased by 23% and 38% respectively compared with the May Day holiday and the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday. It can be seen that during the small and long holiday in September, the transactions of new houses around the country were active, which made a good start for the "golden nine"

"before the golden nine and silver ten, the introduction of a series of policies still has a certain stimulating effect on the property market. Including the first tier cities that previously thought there would be no change, there are also signs of easing policies again. From a national perspective, many cities may continue to introduce preferential measures during the 'golden nine and silver ten'." Zhang Dawei said

Li Jiao said that there are many reasons for the continued decline in the growth rate of real estate development investment. First, the early inventory base of commercial housing is large, especially the pressure of destocking in the third and fourth tier cities is large, which affects the investment willingness of real estate development enterprises to a certain extent. Second, the land acquisition area of real estate development enterprises has continued to decline significantly. Affected by this, the growth rate of land acquisition fees in real estate development investment has been declining all the way this year

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