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To be a real express car, China heavy truck Manman technical product exchange meeting

to be a real express car, China heavy truck Manman technical product exchange meeting

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on January 30, 2015, it was held in Shanghai Sheshan Yuehu International Conference Center. China Heavy Truck Group sales company invited more than a dozen large express logistics enterprises such as China Railway Logistics, Debang, Zhongtong, Yuantong to attend the meeting. The theme of the meeting is how to give full play to the advantages of Heavy Truck Man technology products and better serve the express logistics industry in Shanghai. At the exchange meeting, heavy truck mainly introduced the whole process of the introduction, digestion and absorption of man technology products, as well as the unique advantages and rich product lines of man technology products of heavy truck in the after-sales service stage of Jinan testing machine

at the site of the exchange meeting, this research project is a special support project for public welfare industry scientific research of the Ministry of land and resources. Heavy truck brought man technology's t7H tractor, t5g series truck and J5G series truck, a total of three categories and five models, all of which are special models built by heavy truck for the needs of the express logistics industry. Users also put forward many suggestions at the exchange meeting, aiming at the current situation of the express logistics industry, There are also new standards for the technical requirements of vehicles

heavy truck man technology products have not been launched in China for a long time, and many users do not know much about them. It is hoped that through such exchanges, major customers in Shanghai can deepen their understanding of Heavy Truck Man technology products

at this exchange meeting, liupeimin, vice president of Heavy Duty Truck Group, admitted that heavy duty truck has long been the main production of heavy-duty trucks, and this cooperation with man company has introduced man company's mc05 and mc07 two small and medium displacement truck engines with world advanced technology, which will also be able to occupy a place in the small and medium-sized truck market in the future

in the 1960s, China's first heavy truck, Yellow River jn152, was born in China National Heavy Duty Truck Group. After decades of development, it has now become a large commercial vehicle manufacturer with strong comprehensive strength in China

how should Li Yi, general manager of Changshu Shenyi truck box manufacturing Co., Ltd., seize the opportunity of the time in the express injection molding industry? What is the future direction? How can enterprises transform to realize intelligent manufacturing? There is rich experience in vehicle refitting in the logistics industry. Many large domestic express logistics enterprises use the products of Li head office. For the details of Heavy Truck Man technology products, Li head office put forward his own modification opinions. He believes that by modifying the angle of the fuel tank cover, the wide cargo box used for express delivery can be prevented from interfering with the refueling gun; For the express truck that pulls light goods, it can reduce the number of leaf springs and reduce the dead weight; In addition, the use of small-diameter tires in express cars can reduce the height of the chassis and improve the stability of the vehicle when turning. Through communication, his suggestions have been well adopted by the heavy duty truck manufacturers

at the last part of this exchange meeting, President Ji of Shanghai sales branch of heavy duty truck read out the preferential policies given by heavy duty truck manufacturers. Any enterprise that intends to purchase a car in this exchange meeting can first provide two trial vehicles for a trial period of three months, during which all vehicle repair and maintenance costs are free. Secondly, the enterprise can determine the technical parameters and top size of the vehicle according to its actual requirements, which will be customized by sinotruk according to the user's requirements. If the user is not satisfied during the trial period, the trial vehicle will be taken back free of charge. After embedding, it fits perfectly. At this meeting, a total of 8 express companies expressed their strong desire to try it out

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