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Ingersoll Machine Tool Co., Ltd. of the United States, the real high-speed machining

lngersol PowerMILL TM series machine tools are horizontal milling machines with high acceleration and high power. The machine tool design integrates the advantages of all advanced machine tools, with high production efficiency. The parts that can be processed include titanium, titanium and aluminum alloy parts

aircraft industry has been leading the new trend of metal processing technology due to its special requirements. Because the wing ribs and edge strips are aluminum alloy, while the aircraft 740) this Width=740 "align=right border=0> the cabin door of the engine is made of titanium alloy. For decades, the machine tool industry has been studying how to process these two materials with different properties on the premise of meeting the requirements of production efficiency and quality. In processing thin-walled parts (especially less than 4mm wall thickness) When using the traditional milling process, the structure of the workpiece will be unstable. Therefore, the theory of high-speed machining was established long ago: the proportion of feed and metal cutting needs to be carefully matched, and the conduction speed of heat generated in machining to tools and parts is slower than the feed speed of tools. Until a few years ago, 7. Check, sort and print the experimental data! (see the software specification for details). The requirements of this high-speed machining technology still mislead our users that using a machine tool with a traditional structure and a spindle with a speed of 20000r or higher is high-speed machining. In fact, this kind of "simple" so-called high-speed machining can not meet the real requirements of HSM (high acceleration/deceleration machining), because in the traditional machine tool, due to the limitation of machine tool design, the inertia of the initial movement of the machine tool makes the machine tool and the feed rate for many reasons can not meet the requirements of high-speed machining, so even if the speed of the spindle is increased, the machine tool still can not reach the required high productivity

a few years ago, a real high-speed machining (HSM) machine tool was born. Linear axial motion makes the machine tool have very good dynamic performance. Due to the continuous improvement of numerical control technology, the design of the machine tool adopts the finite element analysis method, and the overall structure of the machine tool can move faster and locate more accurately. After the advent of this machine tool, the industry immediately realized that this machine tool is the best solution to obtain high production efficiency and solve many problems in the processing process

in high-speed machining, because the heat generated by machining is rarely transferred to the parts, it is not necessary to use large flow emulsion coolant, but should adopt dry machining cooled by oil mist, so as to avoid possible deformation when machining thin-walled parts. Some machine tools use radical linear motors to drive axial motion and obtain the best dynamic machining performance, but this machine tool can not get the required "machining thrust" when machining titanium alloys

Ingersoll machine tool company of the United States has a history of designing and manufacturing advanced machining systems for many years. A year ago, the company set a goal to produce a real high-speed machining machine tool, It has the function of three-axis or five axis linkage, and can have the most advanced processing function to meet the needs of the above aviation industry. Ingersoll powermilltm machine tool series is a horizontal milling machine with high acceleration and high power. The machine tool design integrates the advantages of all advanced machine tools and has high production efficiency. The parts that can be processed include titanium alloy and aluminum alloy parts. In addition to air conditioning, powermilltm series machine tools continue the innovation of Ingersoll machine tools. The clamping of machine tools varies according to the clamping needs of specific workpiece. The machine tool does not need to dig the foundation, which greatly reduces the cost of installation and foundation

740)this. Width=740 "align=left border=0> Ingersoll powermilltm (horizontal) The series machine tool has the rigidity of the gantry milling machine. It can be imagined that it is a machine tool that puts the gantry milling machine down 90 degrees. Compared with the traditional gantry milling machine, the horizontal machine tool structure is very conducive to chip removal, thereby maximizing the utilization of the spindle. Powermilltm's innovative spindle has two axial movements, and different spindles can be selected according to specific processing needs. The spindle design is: a-axis ± 100 degrees, c-axis ± 400 degrees, which provides maximum flexibility and high production efficiency for processing aircraft integral structural parts with deep grooves. When the feed speed of axial motion (x, y, z) reaches 50M/min and the rotational speed of the two rotating axes of the spindle is 50R/min, the machine tool provides the highest metal cutting level. The machine tool will not affect the axial processing speed due to the speed of the rotating shaft

when processing parts of different materials in the field of aviation industry, powermilltm machine tool can choose different spindles, high torque/low speed spindles can be selected when processing titanium alloy and hard metal, and when processing aluminum alloy, the speed of spindles can be selected is as high as 32000r/min. the spindles are fully enclosed with vibration sensors, which constantly monitor the cutting state. The spindle and spindle bearing have temperature control with cooling, which is the standard configuration of the machine tool. According to different processing requirements, the spindle is easy to replace. The recent processing test uses a 24000r/min-80 kW spindle, which can be produced every minute when processing aluminum alloy parts, so take the foam granulator as an example. Should we still supply 5.5L aluminum chips

powermilltm machine tool travel: x-axis 4000mm, Y-axis 1800mm, z-axis 1000mm. The machine tool is of modular design, and the x-axis can extend to 8000mm and the y-axis to 2500mm. The machine tool is equipped with an automatic pallet exchange system, which can be matched according to the user's use requirements and production volume. The pallet exchange system of the machine tool increases the capacity of the machine tool, improves the utilization rate of the machine tool, and reduces the non processing time of the machine tool

the company can provide users with the most economical and efficient processing system, from a single machine tool equipped with two exchange fixtures to multiple machine tools equipped with multiple exchange fixtures. When designing the pallet exchange table, the difficulty of parts loading and unloading is fully considered. The pallet can automatically tilt to the horizontal position, and automatically return to the vertical position after loading and unloading parts, or enter the machine tool, or enter the pallet storage area

in order to meet the market requirements for reducing the cost of machine tool installation and foundation, the powermilltm machine tool structure adopts a self-supporting structure, so there is no need for expensive foundation during installation. The machine tool has a high metal cutting rate. The machine tool itself has an integral chip removal system and does not need expensive large

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