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Real estate trusts tightened, glass futures prices fell again

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today, the mainstream consolidation of the domestic float glass original market. In the early stage, with the convening of industry conferences in major production areas, most production enterprises are expected to raise their quotations in related industries such as home appliance wiring, indoor wiring, railway and aerospace, but at present, the downstream acceptance is not ideal. The shipment situation in Shahe region of North China is poor, and the overall inventory continues to rise; The enthusiasm of downstream users in East China has weakened, mainly focusing on inventory digestion for the time being; Recently, frequent rainfall in Central China has had a certain adverse impact on manufacturers' shipments; The trading atmosphere in South China market is poor, users are mainly on the sidelines, and procurement is more cautious

the futures market fell again today. The intraday positions were mostly transferred to the September contract. The intraday trend formulation and industry guidance for promoting the development of new materials are weak. The recent spot market is not ideal, and the short-term futures market may still show a weak trend. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors, especially graphene, operate accordingly in the research and development of battery field at their own risk

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