The hottest real gold is not afraid of fire. Why i

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Real gold is not afraid of fire. Why is it that shandeka is often "watched"

real gold is not afraid of fire. Why is shandeka often "watched"

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following the great attention of tourists to shandeka at the Shanghai auto show in April, it was able to reshape the system. On May 6, it was again "watched" by logistics industry people at the sixth Henan logistics culture festival and the opening ceremony of Zhongyuan new energy auto city. From Shanghai, the capital of logistics, to Zhengzhou in the Central Plains, why can shandeka always attract people's attention? As a big man in the logistics industry, I certainly have a considerable degree of research on heavy trucks. Why do I love shandeka

Zhengzhou Changyuan Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. General Manager 1 As a firm supporter of shandeka automobile, industrial manufacturing manager Zhang Jianjian naturally has the right to speak

proud appearance + connotation of "collision resistance"

"I have been selling heavy duty commercial vehicles in China. I 've been eyeing' shandeka since it came out." Zhang Jianli recalled his love with shandeka. From imported cars to domestic cars, shandeka filled the gap. Shandeka's high-end quality and price advantages over imported cars are bound to be popular in the market

Zhengzhou is located in the Central Plains, known as the hinterland of Jiuzhou and the thoroughfare of ten provinces. It is the hub of industrial transfer in the East and resource export in the West. It has an important strategic position in the national development pattern, and its advantages in the logistics industry are self-evident. Zhang Jianli, who is engaged in commercial vehicle sales, certainly knows the truth:

after decades of development, China's logistics industry has shown explosive growth. The market urgently needs a high-end heavy truck with high attendance, long life cycle and low operating cost. Sitrak (shandeka) was born in response to the times, bringing a new international vehicle concept to Chinese logistics and transportation users with international standards and high cost performance, and leading China's high-end heavy truck market! "What attracts logistics people most is not only its proud appearance, but also its' bump resistant 'leather quality that the logistics industry needs."

I can give you all you want.

Du Wei, the Sales Department of Changyuan auto trade, was originally engaged in the logistics industry for many years. He has many transportation lines and knows the needs of logistics enterprises like the back of his hand. With such talents under his banner, Zhang Jianli will certainly understand the pain points and needs of the logistics industry better

with the rapid development of logistics industry, the competition is also correspondingly fierce; The preferential purchase tax policy will be cancelled after July 1; Lushui Qingshan is Jinshan. The PCB Industrial Park of this base is piloting the third-party sewage treatment mode Yinshan. The awareness of environmental protection is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The environmental treatment requirements in Henan are strict. These reasons actually have a great impact on vehicle sales

as a dealer of SINOTRUK "shandeka", how can Zhengzhou Changyuan Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. keep the market sales in the rising channel in the fierce market competition

Zhang Jianjian sees the trick and breaks it down: "the cost of logistics industry is high, and business is difficult to do. Through cooperation with CIMC Huajun, we make shandeka products highly integrated with CIMC Huajun products, and provide one-stop services for logistics enterprises to meet the different needs of logistics enterprises."

being a car dealer is just a job for me. When dealing with work, we must keep a low profile, not boast, do things honestly and be a down-to-earth person. Zhang Jianli talked about his style to modern logistics news. Excellent products also need good after-sales service to provide protection for users, so we have established our own after-sales service station to better consolidate shandeka's 24-hour non-stop service

at the Henan logistics Festival, a shandeka user said at the exhibition: logistics is not easy to do now. If you want to make money, you have to reduce operating costs. Shandeka, a heavy truck with high attendance, is especially suitable for logistics enterprises like us. It can make people stop driving without stopping. At the same time, its intelligence enables us to monitor the fuel consumption and travel distance. Shandeka is indeed a good choice. "

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