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Real estate tax reform accelerates the reshuffle process of the coating industry

recently, the news that the real estate tax is about to begin to be formally levied has swept the headlines of major industry media like a storm. It is reported that at the 2014 Boao real estate forum, Jia Kang, a financial expert, pointed out at the meeting that the direction of real estate tax reform has been locked by the top decision-making level and may be implemented in 2017. Recently, some media reports claimed that the first draft of the real estate tax legislation has basically taken shape and is seeking internal opinions. It will be submitted to the National People's Congress to complete the legislation in the near future. This report made the wave of real estate tax rampant again. On the one hand, the improvement of the real estate tax will strengthen the control of real estate developers, alleviate the current overheated and impetuous market situation in the real estate industry to a certain extent, and bring down house prices, which will relatively reduce the purchase cost of consumers. On the other hand, the full implementation of the real estate tax will increase environmental taxes and fees, which will virtually increase the future housing maintenance costs of property buyers, thus indirectly curbing the growth of investment housing purchases. As a downstream industry of the real estate industry, the coating industry will be affected. Let's discuss with the essay below

as a supporting industry of the real estate industry, the development space of the coating industry is naturally affected by the real estate industry. It is understood that since the domestic economy has entered the "normalized" development, with the domestic real estate industry continuing to downturn, the growth rate of domestic coating production has declined to a certain extent, especially since 2015, the domestic coating production has declined for the first time in a single month. This means that the market demand of the coating industry is occupied by the construction industry such as real estate, and any disturbance in the real estate industry will also affect the closely dependent coating industry

it is understood that many industry insiders have made expectations for the future prospects of the industry with the news that the real estate tax is about to be levied. Some industry insiders said that since the state implemented the new policies restricting the real estate market, such as purchase restrictions, the sales of coatings have declined significantly. Some paint manufacturers have also said that compared with the same period last year, the production and sales of this year have also declined to varying degrees. It can be seen that the changes in policies in the real estate industry will directly affect the market demand of the coating industry. In particular, the industry is now firmly convinced of the inevitable downward trend of house prices after the real estate tax is levied. The coating industry and the real estate industry are originally a close business chain. It is conceivable that under the control of this policy, the real estate industry will slow down the pace of real estate developers, followed by the cooling of real estate buildings, As we all know, the proportion of demand for architectural coatings accounts for a large part of the entire coating market share. The cooling down of the construction industry will greatly reduce jianwansheng, which is quietly changing the market sales of architectural coatings, making the coating industry, which has been cooling for a while, worse again. This is really an economic belt with "cold lips and cold teeth"

since 2015, the paint industry has been dormant in the long hibernation period. The implementation of the real estate tax policy will bring the paint industry the dilemma of "house leakage, continuous rain at night, ship delay and leading wind". At the time of the industrial storm, the biggest problems faced by various paint enterprises are the increase of costs, the reduction of demand, and the tension of capital chain. Low frequency fatigue testing machine: the frequency is lower than 30Hz, and small and medium-sized coating enterprises are in the torment period of strong support. They even take a pessimistic attitude towards the upcoming golden nine silver ten, and rely on the method of constantly compressing the senior salary to reduce the operating cost, realize the market price reduction, and seek a foothold in the industry. But in the long run, the implementation of this method will not only consume the vitality of the enterprise, but also have an adverse impact on the normal operation of the coating market. In the long run, it will inevitably lead to the tragic and fair end of installing sensors in the industry. In contrast, large enterprises in the coating industry have stable sales channels, and with the reduction of production and burden of small and medium-sized coating enterprises, they are gradually encroaching on the medium and low-end market. However, considering the post holiday or the replenishment operation field, the industry reshuffle storm is inevitable

therefore, in order to gradually get rid of the negative impact of the downturn in the real estate industry under the regulation of real estate, the architectural coating industry needs to find another way out and take a variety of self-help measures to slow down the impact of the downturn in the real estate market. In this way, the trend of differentiation in the architectural coating market is believed to be increasingly clear. It is hoped that small and medium-sized enterprises can look ahead and back and adjust the development direction of enterprises under the huge pressure of this industry reshuffle, Take the development road of diversification and differentiation, and grow up under the baptism of the storm

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