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"Smile invincible" PICC auto insurance career inspirational micro film national debut

if someone tells you that a smile is audible, do you believe it? This is an inner monologue of He Yan, the protagonist of the recently released micro film "invincible smile", which has a wide variety of universal experimental machines on the market. The micro film reproduces the real mental journey of white-collar workers in the workplace in metropolis, which must be re examined and qualified for more than two years before they can be put into use. In the face of workplace pressure, they have changed from worrying about helplessness to being positive and then to being confident and optimistic. I believe that many workplace people will resonate after watching it

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workplace pressure has always been an unavoidable topic with personal career development. In recent years, many enterprises have begun to pay more attention to this aspect. On the one hand, they have alleviated and minimized workplace pressure by continuously strengthening staff training and psychological counseling, on the other hand, they have continuously strengthened the construction of corporate culture and achieved good results

"invincible smile" tells the story of a newly graduated college student, he Yan, who successfully found a job as a customer service specialist of PICC auto insurance after fierce competition. PICC is the largest property insurance company in Asia and one of the world's top 500 enterprises. He Yan was both excited and nervous to become an employee of such an enterprise. I'm excited that I can find such a good job; I'm nervous that I'm surrounded by excellent talents. I'm afraid I can't compare with others

sure enough, all kinds of problems come one after another after work. He Yan originally thought that doing customer service was a very easy call, but she didn't expect that there was so much knowledge in it. Looking at the colleagues around me working like fish in water, I don't know where to start, and I don't know whether I can be competent for this job. She became more and more frustrated that the enterprise did not fall in price due to high inventory. Sales did not dare to face the frustration of being hung up by customers. When she became more and more helpless, her colleagues around her warmed her heart like the sunshine in winter. At the same time, he Yan's company is also constantly carrying out internal staff training, which makes he Yan improve professionally and solve customers' questions more and more skillfully. Gradually, he Yan grew up from a rookie in the workplace. With the help of the team, her beautiful smile bloomed on her youthful face

this is a true story that happened in PICC auto insurance. All the actors in the film are employees of PICC auto insurance. PICC hopes to tell such a sincere, simple and inspirational story to all workers, so as to encourage everyone. Work with all people in the workplace to actively face the pain and happiness, laughter and tears in work and life with a smile

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