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Smart and ultra-thin, Hisense hz32e35a TV has a unique way

with the popularity of smart and flat-panel, the status of traditional TV is slightly embarrassing, people hold more and more time, but the TV at home is forgotten and eaten by others. However, with the intervention of intelligent system, smart TV has begun to attract everyone's attention. Compared with TV, which has a larger screen, the viewing effect is naturally better to screw a M20 lifting screw into the rib hole. As a renter, I am not very interested in large-size TVs. Small-size TVs can be used as both TVs and computer monitors, which is what I need. As for the brand, I try to choose the old brand, and Hisense hz32e35a 32 inch high-definition intelligent LCD TV is my trusted choice

compared with some low-end brand TVs, Hisense hz32e35a has more advantages in appearance. This TV adopts the classic bright black color, which makes it look full of texture. Especially for the backplane, many TVs at this price are made of plastic, while Hisense hz32e35a is made of ultra-thin metal backplane, which looks higher grade. The TV adopts a 32 inch screen with a resolution of 1366, which is called "rare earth vitamin for industry to expand a broader future market" × 768, the color gamut of the screen has reached 100%, plus the image quality technical guarantee of Shanghai Xin for more than 40 years, the overall screen display effect is still very good. This size of TV can not only be used to watch movies and follow plays, but also act as a computer display screen, killing two birds with one stone. Renting out, small size moving is also more convenient

Hisense hz32e35a is also an Ai Ai TV, with functions such as one click full scene search. When watching TV, when you see unfamiliar stars, you can press the small gather button on the remote control to easily identify stars. You can also push some relevant film and television materials of stars, which is very convenient to use. Hisense hz32e35a will recommend wonderful resources according to users' personal habits. Each TV has its own personality. Not only in film watching, Hisense hz32e35a can also learn workplace skills, fitness courses, and English. It also has rich resources in daily life

in order to give less stimulation to human eyes, Hisense hz32e35a also has an eye protection mode, which will not make your eyes tired after watching for a long time. In addition, it has specially customized the children's section for children, and the resources of this section will be manually reviewed to refuse animation blackening and care for children's health. In addition, Hisense hz32e35a also has built-in synchronous learning of famous teacher courses from preschool to high school, which is also comprehensive for children's education

in terms of other configurations, Hisense hz32e35a is equipped with a quad core 64 bit processor and a 1+4gb memory combination, which can cope with the smooth operation of daily systems. In terms of sound effects, Hisense hz32e35a supports Dolby decoding. In the future, China has three major areas worthy of attention, and has a five segment audio device, so that you can enjoy delicate music and painting. On the whole, Hisense hz32e35a is very suitable for renting rooms or bedrooms with low requirements for TV size. If you are planning to buy a TV of similar size, you might as well take a look at this one

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