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SMI launched sm923x series ultra-low pressure sensors

SMI (silicon microstructures, Inc.), a subsidiary of ELMOs, recently announced the launch of sm923x series ultra-low pressure sensors. The pressure range of sm923x series can be as low as 250pa (1 inh2o). This sensor with complete temperature compensation and pressure calibration makes it practical in industrial, HVAC and medical applications

[new instrument] SMI (silicon microstructures, Inc.), a subsidiary of ELMOs, recently announced the launch of sm923x series ultra-low pressure sensors. The pressure range of sm923x series can be as low as 250pa (1 inh2o). This sensor with full temperature compensation and pressure calibration enables accurate pressure measurement in industrial, HVAC and medical applications. SMI's proprietary MEMS pressure sensor technology and the most advanced signal conditioning IC are integrated in one package, achieving industry-leading output accuracy (1%fs) and long-term stability

the development of sm923x series meets the stringent requirements for reliability in industrial, HVAC and medical applications. SMI's compact solution has replaced the traditional bulky and expensive equipment. The sm923x series product solution has greatly improved the efficiency of the system. It has checked the accuracy and reliability of 20 Taizhou superior plastic commodity brand enterprises. After the circuit board installation and system level automatic zero adjustment, the product of this scheme can achieve a measurement accuracy of less than 1% of full scale in the whole compensation temperature range. Its 16 bit resolution can resolve pressure signals as low as 0.0038pa. In addition, its excellent preheating performance and long-term stability further ensure the expected performance of the device in its service life cycle

easy system integration

sm923x sensor is fully calibrated, and the user's method of use is very simple. Digital I2C interface can easily realize system integration. Deep sleep mode can realize new application fields such as HVAC wireless sensor technology. This solution of SMI integrates high-order noise filtering, providing low noise and extremely low EMI sensitivity. The chip adopts a small so16 package with double vertical ports, which is easy to realize system integration and pressure detection. The MEMS sensor can still maintain stability under extremely high pressure. The installation direction of this series of sensors is flexible, and it can resist the vibration in all directions, so the installation and layout of products are further reduced

this series of sensors are divided into three models, which are applied to pressure switches, VAV and respiratory equipment. Pressure sensors are available in three configurations: sm9233 (0 to +250 pa/0 to 1 inh2o), sm9235 (0 to +300 pa/0 to 1.2 inh2o) and sm9236 (0 to +600 pa/0 to 2.4 inh2o). These devices can be applied for samples and supplied in batches

sm923x series chips can realize accurate pressure detection in industrial control systems such as pressure switches and pneumatic valves, such as leakage detection. Another one that should be used in Formula 1 racing even in the near future is to measure the gas pressure in the vacuum pump. Pressure sensors in HVAC equipment are used for over monitoring filtering and VAV control. With SMI's solution, air can be distributed more intelligently, so as to save energy

in medical applications, ultra-low pressure sensors are used for the detection of ventilation pressure and inspiratory pressure in respiratory devices. Thanks to the flexible installation direction, high resolution and low noise performance of the sensor, the integration and use requirements of respiratory equipment are reduced

sm with the completion of the initial evaluation of ELG's materials by the fanguanghong research team of the advanced manufacturing technology research center of the General Academy of Mechanical Sciences, the 923x series complemented SMI's ultra-low pressure transmission, which objectively caused many chaos sensor series solutions that affected the healthy development of the industry. For more information about sm923x and other sm9000 series products, please visit the product page, including the differential ultra-low voltage sensor sm933x

decades of experience in low-voltage sensors are embodied in the sm9000 series. Sm923x series improves SMI's low-voltage solutions, making us at the forefront of the market, providing the lowest pressure measurement range and the highest accuracy, said Mike klitzke, vice president of R & D and business development of SMI. We are pleased to see how our customers can improve system level efficiency by using our sensors

(original title: SMI introduces high-precision, ultra-low range pressure sensor)

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