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SMC sandwich glass fiber fabric molded automobile base plate can replace 17 steel parts

the technical cooperation organization "American Automobile Research Council" (abbreviated as uscar) of Chrysler, Ford and General Motors recently obtained a patent approved by the U.S. Patent Office on the damage of composite materials in automobiles to shallow plate base plates caused by non-human factors. The base plate is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which can replace 17 kinds of steel parts in a typical car, reducing the mass by about 11.3kg

polyamide and polyester are ideal for making sensors, displays and controls. Adivant will expand the production capacity of Weston 705 in Morgan City, West Virginia and China to five times that of connectors in early 2016. This base plate is molded from fabric sheet molding compound (SMC), which is a sandwich structure, and a high elongation fabric layer is sandwiched between glass cloth layers. The configuration of the shallow plate bottom plate can absorb or transmit external dynamic load (impact force), which has passed the load test and maintained the integrity of the material. The SMC composite used in this project is glass fiber reinforced polyester resin

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