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The "12th Five Year Plan" national scientific research project of Shanhe intelligent passed the acceptance

the "12th Five Year Plan" national scientific research project of Shanhe intelligent passed the acceptance

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on June 15, the Acceptance Meeting of the "12th Five Year Plan" National Science and technology support project "development and application of key technologies for energy recovery and utilization of large machinery" was held in Changsha. This project is organized by the Department of science and technology of Hunan Province, with Shanhe intelligent as the leading unit and the first undertaking unit of the project. After three years of research and testing, the energy-saving prototype of typical products has been successfully developed, and the mass production of large-scale mechanical energy-saving products has been gradually realized

the national scientific research project of "the 12th Five Year Plan" of Shanhe intelligence passed the acceptance

meeting site

the acceptance meeting was presided over by liguilong, deputy director of the torch entrepreneurship center of Hunan Provincial Department of science and technology, and 11 experts including Professor Tan Jianping and Professor Ma Hongxu formed an acceptance expert group. He Qinghua, chairman of Shanhe intelligence, Zhang Daqing, deputy general manager, and members of the project team attended the meeting. In addition, 41 representatives from 9 units including Guan zenglun, director of China Coal Energy Group Co., Ltd., and Dai Jianshe, Professor of Tsinghua University also attended the meeting

before the meeting, vice president liguilong, who reached or approached the international advanced level, accounted for more than 20% and took office. He Qinghua, chairman of Shanhe intelligence, delivered a welcome speech, and combined with the company's pioneering innovation concept, elaborated on the series of research work that Shanhe intelligence has carried out around the requirements of the project, if necessary, Other experts believed that the hydrolysis of amide bonds in nylon was the reverse reaction to the simplified synthesis of nylon. They introduced the R & D history, economic benefits and the impact on the development of related industries of swe series hydraulic hybrid energy-saving excavators with breakthrough innovation

at the meeting, zhangdaqing, deputy general manager of Shanhe intelligence, as the subject leader, reported the completion of the project and the achievements of Shanhe intelligence in the application of energy-saving technology

on site investigation

subsequently, the expert group formed the opinion of the expert group through on-site investigation, meeting defense and other links, and unanimously determined that the project has achieved the batch demonstration application of more than 450 sets of hydraulic hybrid excavators, with a total output value of more than 900million yuan, which is in line with the acceptance index and has a certain impact in the industry. The acceptance was passed

as the leading unit of the project, the professional team of Shanhe intelligent has been committed to the research of energy-saving technology of construction machinery. Since 2006, the energy-saving technology of construction machinery has been taken as the key research plan. The company has successively launched technical research on the engineering application of energy-saving technology of hybrid excavators, cranes, electric forklifts, mining excavators, small excavators and other products. After nearly a decade of development and innovation, breaking through the existing mature technology of excavator products, the hydraulic hybrid power energy-saving method based on energy recovery and utilization is pioneered, and key technologies such as energy accumulator and multi cylinder pressurization interactive recovery and utilization of boom potential energy, and flow self matching rotary energy saving are innovatively proposed

Shanhe intelligent "12th Five Year Plan" national scientific research project passed the acceptance

since 2014, SWE series hydraulic hybrid energy-saving excavators have been gradually launched. At present, there are many types of swe350es, swe385es, swe500es, swe900es, covering medium and large-scale patented products, to meet the needs of different customers. It has been applied in many fields, occasions and working conditions, such as irrigation and water conservancy, earth excavation, mining operations, etc. Compared with traditional hydraulic excavators of the same tonnage on the market, this series of products have significantly reduced fuel consumption and higher work efficiency. Under the same working conditions, the fuel consumption of swe350es is 20 liters per hour and that of swe385es is 22.7 liters per hour, which can save at least 200000 yuan of fuel for customers every year. It is the world's most fuel-efficient excavator in the industry. The appraisal of scientific and technological achievements organized by Hunan Machinery Industry Association shows that the energy recycling technology of this series of products ranks at the international leading level, and has won the first prize of Hunan technological invention

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