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Hu Angang: the 12th Five Year Plan will be China's first green development plan. Professor Hu Angang, director of the national situation research center of Tsinghua University and member of the National Development Planning Expert Committee, said in an interview with China News Service on the 25th that during the 12th Five Year Plan period (2011-2015), in the context of global climate change and the green industrial revolution, based on the scientific concept of development, China's 12th Five year plan should take green development as the key word, Strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction, develop green economy and green industry, build a green China and promote green civilization, thus becoming China's first green development plan

China's traditional development model also poses great challenges to the global energy environment and climate change. Therefore, constantly innovating the green development model is not only the only way for China's scientific development, but also the only way for China's peaceful rise. Hu Angang said that green development is the extension and deepening of the concept of scientific development. It is a new economic and social development model in the 21st century, which is embodied in low consumption, low emissions and ecology. When you need a solid product, capital continues to increase, and people live in harmony with nature, its essence is the decoupling of economic growth and carbon emissions

green development includes five strategic connotations: building a resource-saving society, building an environment-friendly society, developing a circular economy, building a climate adaptive society, and implementing the national comprehensive disaster prevention and reduction strategy. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, China should further weaken and reduce economic indicators, further strengthen and increase green development indicators, and establish a green development performance evaluation system

Hu Angang proposed that China's transformation from accelerating development to scientific development will take roughly 15 years (three five-year plans), that is, the eleventh five year plan will be initially brought into the track of scientific development, the twelfth five year plan will be basically brought into the track of scientific development, and the thirteenth five year plan will achieve the track of scientific development in an all-round way. It is not difficult to see that the 12th Five Year Plan is a critical period for China to change to a scientific development model. The implementation of green development will promote China to take the lead in achieving the 2015 United Nations Millennium Development Goals for glass balls for automatic fire suppression systems gb18428 (2) 001

the national conditions expert pointed out that the international situation during the 12th Five Year Plan period was complex, and economically, it entered the post financial crisis era; Politically, the international pattern has undergone major changes and adjustments, and global public governance issues have become prominent; Ecologically, climate change has become the most prominent challenge; In terms of security, the non-traditional security situation is still grim; In terms of science and technology, the company hopes that the green industrial revolution will become a trend after the addition of graphene nano materials. During this period, China will significantly narrow the gap in comprehensive national strength with the United States, become an emerging power with the second largest main index in the world, and its status, role and influence in the world will be greater and greater. He said that China should have a clear understanding and accurate positioning, from the allocation of domestic resources to the allocation of domestic and international resources, from the leader of international affairs, "low-carbon environmental protection, 100% recyclable" to the leader, from the passive recipient of international rules to the participant in the formulation of change rules, from the recipient of western culture to the innovator of multiculturalism

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