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The 12th Five Year Plan of the coal industry basically determines that enterprises share the 100 billion cake

the 12th Five Year Plan of the coal industry basically determines that enterprises share the 100 billion cake

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Guide: it is learned from the China Coal Industry Association that the 12th Five year development plan of the coal industry has been basically determined, Among them, the municipal finance of coal mining machines is required to set up a 50million yuan "special fund for independent innovation", and the mechanization degree should reach more than 75%. Analysts pointed out that the domestic coal machinery industry will receive 100 billion yuan of cake. But at the same time, the white heat of market competition

according to the China Coal Industry Association, the "12th Five Year Plan" for the development of the coal industry has been basically determined, which requires the mechanization of coal mining to reach more than 75%. Analysts pointed out that the domestic coal machinery industry will receive 100 billion "cake" from this. But at the same time, the intense market competition and the competition of foreign giants for China's coal machinery market will also make domestic enterprises face great challenges

Zoudefang, a senior analyst of Galaxy Securities machinery industry, told this newspaper that according to the coal mine mechanization target of more than 75% set in the 12th Five Year Plan of the coal industry, the market demand of the coal machinery industry is expected to reach a scale of 100billion to 150billion yuan

Guotai Junan Securities is also optimistic about the prospects of the coal machinery industry. The agency released a report saying that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, coal machinery equipment can be seen to achieve an average annual growth of about 20%. It is expected that the demand of the whole industry will exceed 140billion yuan by 2015. The industry demand mainly comes from three aspects: the demand for renewal and maintenance, the increase of mechanization rate and the demand for equipment brought about by the new coal production capacity. Among the coal mining equipment, the fully mechanized mining equipment with "three machines and one machine" (Shearer, roadheader, scraper and hydraulic support) as the core accounts for about 82% of the total, so it benefits the most

in the eyes of professionals, the development potential of this industry is more than that. An expert from the China Machinery Industry Federation told this newspaper that the target of coal mechanization rate proposed in 2009 was only 60%, and before the "12th Five Year Plan" for the development of the coal industry was finalized this time, the China Coal Industry Association had put forward a "guiding opinions on accelerating the construction of large-scale modern coal mines (review draft)". Among them, in the "development goal", the average degree of mechanization of coal mining is more than 95%, and the degree of mechanization of fully mechanized excavation is more than 70%. Therefore, the expert believes that the target of more than 75% proposed this time is still a conservative figure, and the industry's expectations and actual development space may be higher

according to the data provided by China Coal Industry Association, among the top 100 Chinese coal enterprises in 2010, there were five coal machinery, equipment and accessories manufacturing enterprises, including Zhengzhou coal mining machinery group, Sany Heavy equipment company, Pingdingshan coal mining machinery company, Shandong Tiansheng coal mining equipment company and Shandong Mining Machinery Group Co., Ltd

among the top 100, there are 41 listed companies, among which the highest current ratio includes zhengmeiji () and Shandong mining machinery (). It shows that the financial situation of listed coal machinery companies is generally good, and the short-term solvency is good

the expert told this newspaper that since Shanxi took the lead in the reorganization of coal resources in 2008, Shaanxi, Henan, Inner Mongolia and other resource important areas have followed Shanxi's example in carrying out reforms. In addition, the government's requirements for coal mine safety and production efficiency have been continuously improved, which have brought support to the demand for coal machinery and equipment

foreign giants are covetous

however, the cake delineated by the policy is not exclusive to domestic enterprises. Foreign giants have long been in the coal machine market, and their goal is to achieve excess profits in the high-end market

on November 10, caterpillar, the world's largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, announced that it would purchase Shiji for no more than HK $6.89 billion (). A person from the Strategic Development Department of caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd. told this newspaper that the above merger and acquisition of caterpillar is only the beginning of focusing on the Chinese market, and the company will have more and greater actions in the Chinese mining equipment market in the future

zoudefang pointed out that there is still a large gap between domestic coal machinery products and foreign giants in terms of quantity and quality, but the latter's goal is to develop high-end product markets such as roadheader

an executive of a large central coal enterprise told this newspaper that China's coal machinery and equipment manufacturing industry developed in the period after the standard methods of the planned economy were verified and confirmed in the above aspects. The process and technology are decentralized and single. Usually, the leading products of a factory are only one kind, and there is no technology research and development center. Therefore, although there are many powerful coal machinery manufacturing enterprises in China and several large coal groups also have coal machinery manufacturing plates, the market competition in the traditional coal machinery field with low technical content such as hydraulic support is becoming increasingly fierce

it is understood that at present, domestic hydraulic supports, shearers and other mining equipment account for about 75% of the market share of the whole mining equipment, of which hydraulic supports alone account for 50% of the market. However, roadheader has only 7% market share

therefore, zoudefang said that caterpillar and other foreign giants will never reduce prices and other means to compete with China. Net weight of equipment: 450kg, power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 1500W, effective experimental width: 370mm Enterprises compete in the seemingly huge medium and low-end market, "their goal must be high-end products, and that is the highest profit cake."

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