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The 12th Five Year Plan Framework for the security industry was issued

recently, it was learned from the national security association work symposium concluded last week that the preparation of the 12th Five year development plan for China's security industry is progressing smoothly, and the 12th Five year development plan (framework) for China's security industry has been issued and submitted to the meeting for discussion

at the meeting, the leaders of the China Security Association explained the basic framework, guiding ideology and preparation work arrangement of the preparation plan for the 12th Five year development plan of China's security industry, which was recognized by the participants. According to the relevant personnel attending the meeting, the 12th Five Year Plan is a qualitative leap and improvement in the planning of technological upgrading and product upgrading on the basis of the smooth realization of the 11th Five Year Plan in the industry. The outline comes from the sense of achievement brought by the evolution of enterprises. From the development of supply materials to the supply framework, we should not only focus on strengthening the development planning of industry science and technology, but also make new plans for industry self-discipline, market development, industry and trade

it is reported that 2010 is the last year of the Eleventh Five Year Plan for the development of China's security industry, and it is also the preparation year of the 12th Five Year Plan. The preparation of the 12th Five year development plan for the security industry is not only the requirement of the competent department, but also a major event in the development of the industry. The China Association for work safety attaches great importance to the preparation of the five-year plan. So far, three five-year plans, namely the ninth five year plan, the Tenth Five Year Plan and the eleventh five year plan, have been prepared continuously, which has played a positive role in guiding the healthy and rapid development of industrial enterprises

at the beginning of preparation, in order to comprehensively grasp the basic situation and existing problems of the industry development in the past five years, the China Association for safety and social security widely absorbed the good opinions or suggestions of the majority of enterprises on the industry development, so as to brainstorm, open ideas and form a consensus. In order to successfully complete the preparation of the 12th Five Year Plan, the China Association for safety and security has also launched the preliminary investigation of the 12th Five Year Plan. The survey is distributed to industry enterprises in the name of planning, and enterprises are asked to fill in forms, mainly to understand the market share of enterprise development, new technology research and development direction, problems to be solved and measures and suggestions, so as to understand the internal and external environment of China's economic and social development, understand the development trend of the industry and the basic situation of enterprise development, and do a good job in supporting basic data

Liu Xiaochuan, President of the China Security Association, Jin Xiufeng, vice president and secretary general, Li Jianping, deputy secretary general, he bin, and heads of security associations from 21 provinces and cities across the country attended the meeting. The delegates at the meeting said that they should mobilize all forces and make concerted efforts to do a good job in the bell supplementary system of the 12th Five Year Plan, so as to lead the industry to develop rapidly and healthily in the next five years, so as to further improve production efficiency

Now Shandong proposes to comprehensively carry out the transformation of old and new kinetic energy

Liu Xiaochuan, President of China Security Association, pointed out in his speech that the 12th Five year development plan will guide the development of the security industry in the next five years, and bring help to enterprise scientific and technological innovation, government management decision-making and end users

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